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White Walls




Guido’s debut album. It was recorded at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, Indiana in 2013 and released independently the following year. It contains a compilation of original solo, trio, and quartet compositions, plus an adaptation of a late medieval ballade by Anthonello de Caserta. In 2018 it was reissued without the ballade but with a new piece (“Epílogo”) for guitar and drums, featuring Puerto Rican percussionist, Harold Agosto.


Erio was an experimental guitar trio formed in 1999 and led by Guido Sánchez-Portuguez, with Luis Alfredo Sánchez and Edgar Sequeira. The trio performed Guido’s music with regularity between 1999 and 2001, and then intermittently between 2001 and 2003. In 2020 Guido Sánchez-Portuguez released a CD containing four previously unreleased tracks recorded in Audio Arte Studios in 2000 and 2003, plus a live radio show appearance from 2000.

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Produced by the IU Music-LAMC label, with participation by the young leaders of the Center’s Latin American Popular Music Ensemble and under the direction of Guido Sánchez-Portuguez, “Romance” takes us through the soulful and intoxicating experience of Latin American love songs.

En Re Do

Guitar Orchestra of the University of Costa Rica
In Spanish, “enredo” means entanglement, and En D.C. is a paradigm within the salsa music genre.

En DC CD Cover.jpg

Paisaje Iberoamericano

Guitar Orchestra of the University of Costa Rica presents a selection of Costa Rican and international repertoire that over time has transcended universal categories to become classics of popular music. Translated: Latin American Landscape

Paisaje Urbano

Under the musical direction of Guido Sánchez-Portuguez, El Taller & IU Latin American Popular Music Ensemble present a combination of rural and urban Latin American music.


25 Años

Guitar Orchestra of the University of Costa Rica presents music written especially for the ensemble by some of the most prominent Costa Rican composers of our era.

En Tiempo de Danza

Guitar Orchestra of the University of Costa Rica presents a varied repertoire ranging from classical authors such as J. S. Bach, to popular themes and even tangos by Astor Piazzolla.


Noche De Paz

Guitar Orchestra of the University of Costa Rica presents a recording of Christmas music from Latin America and the world arranged for their unique instrumentation.

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